Oral Arguments: Brad’s Appeal

Brad5Finally, there is progress!  We’ve all been anxiously awaiting this. The trial was two years ago and we finally got to hear oral arguments on the appeal. Here is the video of the arguments and it is well worth the time to watch this.  I thought it went really well.  I was very impressed with how well prepared the judges were and their questions were very poised and direct. Of course we don’t know what the decision will be, but I believe that the core issues were properly and thoroughly addressed and Brad’s attorney, Ann Peterson made very strong arguments.

There were 3 issues addressed:

appeal questions

cursor filesI had planned to summarize my thoughts on each item but I can’t easily do that without getting pretty technical so I will just encourage you to listen to the arguments yourself.  It is very interesting and it’s only an hour long.  It goes straight to the core issues from the very lengthy trial.  Although I have no law background, it was my impression that the State had a difficult time justifying the judge’s rulings about both the expert’s qualifications to testify as an expert and the national security ruling that completely blocked the defense’ ability to address the alleged Google map search.

In addition to these issues, some of the circumstantial evidence was briefly discussed.  Brad’s attorney had to address these items because the State’s appeal brief was filled with misleading statements that were listed as facts.  All of these things were completely disputed at trial, yet they continue to present lies as facts.  While there wasn’t time to discuss each item, the alleged spoofed call, the autopsy report and Nancy’s running shoes were briefly addressed.  The State clearly misrepresented the evidence and we have all the testimony to prove it.

Here are a few videos that support the truth, which is what everyone should be seeking.

Nancy’s 3rd pair of running shoes:

No evidence of spoofed call:


Watching the oral arguments brought back a lot of feelings, horrible memories from the trial. I think at this point, I need to have faith that this will finally be corrected, that Brad will hopefully get the fair trial that he deserves and that the truth will finally be revealed to all.

I believe it typically takes an average of three months for the judges to render a decision.  I will definitely post an update as soon as it’s available.

One thought on “Oral Arguments: Brad’s Appeal

  1. Watching this case was hard to do. As a technologist myself, I was appalled at the state making Brad into a boogeyman for his knowledge of common VoIP technologies among other reasons. Perfect husband, no he was not. But everything I learned showed him to be a good and caring father, and above average techno-nerd. Honestly, how the state could do all this without PROOF should really concern everyone.


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