7 thoughts on “Case Summary Video

  1. WOW!!! Great video Lynne! Hits all the facts…and NOTHING but the facts…that being Brad Cooper was framed by a corrupt lazy CPD that “thought” they had their man…EPIC FAIL!!! Fire CPD Chief Bazemore and overturn this travesty aided and abetted by an equally lazy and dishonest Wake County DA’s office.


  2. Lynne, this is AMAZING!!!! You found an effective way to distill the long trial down to just the relevant points. It should be so obvious to anyone who critically evaluates the evidence that Brad is not responsible for this murder. I hope there will be justice for Nancy and for Brad on his appeal.


  3. JP what size shoe is he?? I think JP met Nancy that morning when she was jogging. And Brad daughter said she saw her mother leave that morning when she left the house..I pray that Brad appeal will go through. And he will get another chance at a new trial.. May God be with Brad


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