Key Documents

  1. 911 Call Transcript
  2. 911 audio
  3. Anonymous Tampering Report (later identified as Office Chappell’s – Durham Police)
  4. Jay Ward’s tampering Report (never before seen by the public)
  5. Cookie Testimony (Agent Chappell)
  6. Brad’s Deposition questions
  7. SBI sketch – location body was discovered – note the location of tire tracks – investigators didn’t bother to cast them. Though Coopers’ vehicles were ruled out.
  8. Map of van sightings 
  9. Descriptions of van sightings from witnesses
  10. Image of bed – Detective Daniels recorded in his notes that it did not look slept in
  11. Appeal decision 2013
  12. Flowchart of case – illustrates tunnel vision
  13. Defense calls FBI Agent Johnson as witness (state’s computer expert)
  14. Image of cursor files found on Brad’s computer – proof of tampering — times should have increased. They did not. FBI concealed their documents of their duplication of the map search. Judge ruled national security concerns preclude them from being compelled to produce the records.
  15. Agent Chappell’s testimony about Google map search
  16. Defense Expert’s report — Opinion that Cary Police intentionally wiped Nancy Cooper’s Blackberry phone
  17. Bella saw Nancy that morning – counter to state theory that Nancy was killed the prior night. Jury would never hear this exculpatory information
  18. Cooper defense emergency motion to review erroneous and prejudicial information – Judge denied motion
  19. Cooper custody motion to compel discovery – Judge denied motion
  20. FBI Agent Durie Affidavit – claimed that sharing the methods and procedures involved in the computer examination would jeopardize the national security of the United States–Judge accepted it.
  21. Agent Johnson – no evidence of a spoofed call — State was dependent on Cooper having somehow fabricated a 6:40 a.m. phone call from Nancy (from the house phone)
  22. Preservation letter sent by Brad’s attorneys to Cary Police to ensure they wouldn’t destroy any digital evidence. Cell phone was wiped by police six days later. Defense not informed until a year after that.
  23. Brad Cooper affidavit in response to all of the lies in the many witness affidavits