Missing shoes

The morning Nancy disappeared, Brad made a trip to the Harris Teeter grocery store to buy milk for their daughter.  During the trial, the store surveillance video was shown to the jury and prosecutors made the suggestion that the shoes he was wearing that morning were “never recovered”.  They emphasized it in their closing arguments about half a dozen times. This wasn’t accurate though because when asked, the detective stated that he never even asked Brad for the shoes. It’s not in any police notes that they ever searched for those “missing” shoes. The trial was so long and the state really dragged it out so much that I believe the jurors lost sight of important facts, and this was one of them.  What would have happened if police had requested and analyzed them the very day the video was available, while Nancy was still missing? I believe they would have determined that there was no trace of him ever being at the Fielding Drive site. This is one of many examples of poor police work in this case.  Shame on the prosecutors for giving the false impression that Brad disposed of the shoes, knowing that police never even asked for them or looked for them.

8 thoughts on “Missing shoes

  1. Muddy shoes you ask? Brad Cooper was seen walking through the Harris Teeter after 6 am with clean shoes on. No Harris Teeter employee got out a mop, and most of all, there was NO mud found in either of the Coopers car. To my knowledge, according testimony I saw, CPD/CCBI never went through and eliminated footprints by the first responders. I saw no testimony stating they did. If anything, they collected a few pairs of boots. They never took castings, detailed photographs, or measurements of the footprints to work with. There were several footprints, around poor Nancy Coopers body, some close to her head, that are older than the first responder footprints would have appeared, if indeed the footprints around her belonged to the responders. CPD/CCBI never disclosed to the jury or even the Defense the specifics regarding those footprints.

    The hand drawn CCBI diagram failed to show any footprints around Nancy Coopers body, yet showed the tire tracks, the cig butt, the wiring and location of her body. I recall testimony from one individual stating it was too muddy. I find this a lame excuse for ignoring exculpatory evidence and doing a thorough investigative job to catch a killer. CPD only focused on Brad Cooper. Numerous footprints were around Nancy Coopers body, CPD/CCBI knows it and they ignored it.

    Perhaps the muddy shoes were not too important afterall, maybe they knew the footprints didn’t match Brad Coopers foot, no need to take detailed photographs or secure the site long enough to make an attempt to make casts. It might prove someone else dumped Nancy Cooper, which would not fit the husband killed his wife profile and the residents of Cary should have no fear of jogging in Lochmere. I don’t believe CPD ever asked for the shoes he was seen wearing the Harris Teeter video, kinda like those Ducks that magically quacked.


    • The police never asked about Brad’s shoes. When Brad’s parents were cleaning up after the police were finally finished with the house, they found tons of them belonging to Brad and Nancy that were scattered all over the place. One of them was worn by Brad’s father during a painting session, some were thrown out, and others were boxed away. The Harris Tweeter shoes may still be available, by the way, but nobody ever asked.

      Memo to authorities: When a body is found in a muddy area, look for muddy shoes.

      Ditto for the ducks. They were stored in a box sitting inside the house from the very beginning, but nobody opened the box which was sitting in plain view.

      This was a murder investigation, and they didn’t open all the boxes!


  2. Again, we are dealing with crooked police officers and crooked prosecutors. Don’t ever forget that these same prosecutors lined up and SUPPORTED Mike Nifong five years ago until it became clear that they no longer could cover for him.


  3. Whereas:
    1) the jurors just wanted to go home and get their lives back,

    2) the judge could not grasp the technology and it’s importance to allow it to be presented

    3) the CPD was determinded to force the evidence to bring the case to trial & to a close,

    the facts of this trial were never really considered .Key evidence was not key after all because it was blocked. The trial was so long that the flow of information was not fully comprehended. The way this blog presents & explains each issue and backs it up with the testimony in a logical order where a timeline can be understood, makes it very clear.
    It is a crime in itself that a man ,just living his life, and probably in a bad marriage was thrown into the mob mentality that he was guilty when he, indeed, is not shown to be guilty nor is there any evidence at all that ties him to a crime. A man is in prison for Life for not getting a fair trial. He is in prison for not having it shown that the search of the computer was planted.
    Maybe with the organization and explanation of all the points here, one can study this and clearly see that Brad Cooper deserves justice and an appeal.
    He certainly deserves the consideration.


  4. This “so-called” trial…did not bring justice to anyone…in fact, it was a LLL (Life learned lesson) for a lot of people, who have not been blessed to sit in a court room to know just what goes on in the North Carolina Judicial System. Brad Cooper should have NEVER been indicted for murder. What evidence did the GRAND JURY “see/hear”….that created a true bill of indictment? Since it is a “secret session”…no one will even know. Perhaps the reason was that he was married to Nancy Cooper…which was the only fact that was revealed in court…as there was no “real evidence” produced connecting Brad Cooper to this crime…
    The prosecutors needed someone to “blame” for a crime that needed to be solved…to save the reputation of a police department who BOTCHED the investigation…and destroyed whatever EVIDENCE there might have been in the process…BRAD COOPER was railroaded….and the trial was a “cover-up” for the Cary Police Department and those who were involved in this case.

    Magoo conducted this “so-called murder trial” and brought so much to the North Carolina Courtroom…except justice and closure…it was more of a he said/she said…and gossip, hearsay, and gut feelings…and revealed the Coopers personal lives, along with information about the people they were associated with….Magoo did NOT allow the jurors to hear what was so important in this case…and what was important in how the investigation was handled.

    Magoo did add 2nd degree as an option for the jurors to consider at the end of the trial …as he, too, must have realized that there was NO EVIDENCE to
    convict Brad Cooper…Perhaps this should have sent a message to the jury….but if so, it was ignored.

    Even the lead detective stated that he thought Brad Cooper just snapped…so what exactly was the conviction based upon? A 42 SECOND “GOOGLE SEARCH”…that was NOT PROVED in court that BRAD COOPER had even made…and this search was
    made using a zipcode in Raleigh, NC…nor in Cary, NC where the body of Nancy Cooper was discovered.

    The jurors were sick and tired of being in court…it had been a very long and boring trial…and they wanted to “go home”…they did
    not “FOCUS” on this trial and what was important…

    No JUSTICE was found…no closure was made…just a decision based on something that should have NEVER been considered…

    1st degree murder with life in prison, without parole…

    1st degree MURDER?

    A lot of confusion…a lot of questions…and no answers…just a 42 second “GOOGLE SEARCH”…

    And now…a life behind bars…for BRAD COOPER…
    and a lot of questions with exactly how this came about…in a state…where there is SUPPOSED to be
    “fair and just trials” for those accused of crimes…

    Yes…all information leads to BRAD COOPER BEING RAILROADED…

    So for now…we all wait…and wait…and wait…for the APPEAL…and hopefully a team of people who are bound to the JUDICIAL SYSTEM…which should be “FAIR AND JUST” to all.


  5. It’s worth noting that Brad wore many shoes at the same time (and so did Nancy).

    And I think the defense mentioned that it was a “Canadian custom” to leave all your shoes at the door. If so, you would necessarily step into whatever pair was appropriate at the time. Maybe this custom has something to do with keeping the floor clean.

    As we’ve already seen, Cary police never asked anyone for any shoes, so his parents wore a few while painting, threw away a few, and boxed up the rest.

    Those “unrecovered” shoes that Cary’s finest never tried to “recover” may still be among those boxes, but (again) nobody ever asked.

    To bring those shoes in trial was not fair play.


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