Detectives were wrong about the Harris Teeter route

On the morning of July 12th, Brad made two trips to the Harris Teeter store.  Trip one was made to buy milk for Katie, his two year old daughter.  A second trip at 6:40AM was made to pick up laundry detergent.  During the second trip, Brad received a phone call on his cell phone from the Cooper land line.  Brad told police that Nancy called and asked him to pick up green juice for their older daughter, Bella.  The State alleges that Brad somehow automated that call, even with no proof to support it.  The call was a problem for them because if Nancy was alive at 6:40, their case falls apart and their theory that Brad killed her is false.

The significance of the route to Harris Teeter is that Brad was questioned about the route that he took to the store on each trip at his custody deposition in October ’08.  Brad said he believed he took the southern route on trip 1; and the northern route on trip 2.  He remembered receiving the call from Nancy when he was at the traffic light approaching the store and it would have been the northern route.

Detective Young incorrectly concluded after reviewing the HT surveillance videos that Brad had taken the southern route both times.  This was used as further evidence that he must have spoofed that 6:40AM phone call because he couldn’t have been at that traffic light.  It was revealed during the trial that he was wrong.  Brad did take the southern route on trip 1 and the northern route on trip 2.  I don’t even think prosecutors realized until mid-trial that Young was incorrect about the location of the car as it entered the parking lot.  Yet nothing was done to correct this.  They never clearly stated that it was all a mistake and that the cameras didn’t show that he took the southern route.  I suppose they hoped the jury wouldn’t catch the fact that the detective changed his testimony and it supported the fact that Brad was being truthful about the route all along.

This video demonstrates everything I just described:

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