Judicial bias – Brad Cooper trial

During the trial, the prosecutor was questioning Detective Young about old love letters “found on the kitchen table” in the Cooper home.  The defense objected when they started asking him to read them aloud to the jury.  Clearly they were inadmissible and had nothing at all to do with this case.  They predated the Cooper marriage by a decade.  And to be clear, the box of old letters was NOT found on the kitchen table.  Some of the other officers placed the box on the table for Young’s review after finding it in an upstairs office closet. I believe most people hold onto things for sentimental reasons.  It does not mean anything.  The fact is, these were personal, private letters and should have never been brought into this case.  But they were.

The jury left the room and the judge said he would allow the letters because they were found on the kitchen table.  After some discussion, Young told the judge that the letters were in fact located in an upstairs closet.  The judge allowed them anyhow.  His reason?  The defense accused the police of being inept and corrupt so he allowed the letters to demonstrate their thoroughness.  Keep in mind, Judge Gessner is a former cop and prosecutor.

So the jury came back in and Young proceeded to read Brad’s personal letters to the jury…..letters that were over a decade old.  This was one of many examples of judicial bias that resulted in a very unfair trial that was quite painful to watch.

2 thoughts on “Judicial bias – Brad Cooper trial

  1. Their search was thorough?…hmmmm…seems if that were true – they could have avoided DA Cummings embarrasing moment during the trial about the “missing” but “now found” ducks.

    “Mrs. Cooper – if you’d known all along that the ducks were in a box – why not tell us – and avoid my witnesses looking like liars?” I mean – if they truly searched the house and all its contents – wouldn’t one catalog what was found in each location?? Just investigation 101 I would think!

    Well thats an easy one – his witnesses made themselves look like liars…because they were!!!…all of them spouting the same heresay rehearsed domestic abuse lies…they ONLY “searched and found” items they thought could further paint Brad in a bad light to the jurors – whether the “Found” evidence – had any relevance whatsoever. The entire treasure trove of supposed evidence trotted out before the jurors was nothing more than smoke & mirrors used to wear out and MISLEAD the jurors away from the truth rather than lead to it. What a disgrace on the Wake County judicial process, and embarrasment to the citizens they suposedly serve.


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