5 thoughts on “Time to address the unproven automated call

  1. Try this and see what happens at work. You are involved with research on a product that is being tested before being introduced to the public market. Destroy research data that was entrusted to you for secure keeping. Destroy lab animals that have been used in research before they have been fully examined to determine the outcome of the experiment. Report the destruction of data and research animals to the PhD in charge and the company that funded the research.

    The results would be immediate termination for you and perhaps litigation to recover damages. At the very least, you would be demoted and never be involved in research again.

    The only way to avoid those outcomes would be if the research the data and research animals were proving that the product being tested was harmful. In that case, you would remain in your position, be publicly praised for your abilities, and shown the full public support of your superiors. Your actions would be approved because you acted under the directions of your superiors to accidentally destroy the evidence of a harmful product.

    In Cary, officers who destroyed tire tracks, foot prints, phone records which included photos and text messages, tampered with computer, and ignored witnesses have been praised for their skill and integrity.

    The only way for that to happen would have been for those officers to be following orders from a superior who wanted that evidence destroyed.


  2. And NO ONE even PROVED in COURT that the “google search” (which was the EVIDENCE (?) which ended up with the conviction of FIRST DEGREE MURDER) was even made by BRAD COOPER…OMG…NO DOUBT…BRAD COOPER was RAILROADED…and this is AMERICA…where a person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN GUILTY…of a crime…

    This trial was so very complicated and complex with all sorts of technical issues…it is a true fact that all people are not EQUAL in understanding all of the technology which was introduced in this trial…

    I know some things about computers…but I will admit…that I did not understand all of what was going on in this trial…and if I were a betting person…I would bet that most of these jurors were confused and did not understand a lot of the “issues” which were presented…and therefore, Brad Cooper DID NOT GET A FAIR AND JUST TRIAL…

    The jurors made it clear to the judge that they were tired and just wanted to end it…which was NOT a good sign that they understood the importance of serving on the jury and making an intelligent decision on whether or not there was any or enough real EVIDENCE which could be linked to BRAD COOPER for the jury to make the correct verdict.

    It is very clear that the Judicial Systens are not up to par on social media and the technology that is involved….it is true that technology is so far advanced…that the courts need to either catch up or make some other kinds of arrangements to try people who at least have enough knowledge to know what is going on and can make fair and just decisions on these types of trials.


  3. Anonymous

    The rest of us use our names. You’re hiding behind your mother’s apron.

    Deal with the fact that the CPD destroyed a great deal of evidence that could have been beneficial to Brad Cooper’s defense. The officers who were responsible for securing and protecting that evidence haven’t been disciplined at all. In fact, they have been praised by their chief. The actions of their superiors indicates knowledge and approval of the destruction of evidence. It indicates that the officers’ superiors instructed them to destroy that evidence.

    Brad Cooper may have had the means and ability to fake a phone call. That doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did.

    Nancy Cooper had the ability to initiate and participate in the actions that killed her. She had the motive, the means, and the opportunity to fake abuse.

    You keep dealing with what Brad Cooper could have done. We all know what the Cary police department did. They destroyed a great deal of evidence which would have been beneficial to Brad Cooper’s defense. The officers who participated in that destruction have been praised and rewarded.

    The Cary town council needs to take corrective action to protect its residents. To date, the council has done nothing but insure that this will happen again.

    The CPD failed to listen to witnesses in this case. Now, a resident of Cary is in prison for life. A few months ago, the CPD again failed to listen to a witness. Now, a young man is dead, shot to death with 12 bullets from police weapons. He had no gun. The police ignored a reliable witness who said that he had no gun. It may or may not have turned out differently if they had listened to the witness. If the leadership of the CPD had listened, that young man might be alive and receiving the psychiatric help that he needed. Of course, when you make up your mind to kill someone legally so you can experience the thrill, you don’t want to cloud your thoughts with facts.


  4. I didn’t get to hear Chris Frye’s testimony and it is not available on WRAL. I’ll have to read the transcripts when they become available.

    Since I am convinced that tampering occurred on that computer, I would only trust what Frye has to say if the defense experts are/were able to take a look at it and respond to his findings. We didn’t get to that point so there are a lot of unknowns about the last minute rebuttal claims.

    I have no reason not to trust the defense experts. Both JW and GM found anomalies on the computer. I don’t think either of the experts would risk their reputations to testify about anything other than the truth in what they found.

    This goes beyond trying to prove spoofing or tampering. The fact remains that BC didn’t receive a fair trial. You can start with the “national security” excuse to ignore discovery rules regarding the computer evidence then consider the expert witnesses being barred from testifying to the only piece of evidence that had any bearing on the verdict, exculpatory evidence revealed during the trial, the judge allowing all of the meaningless testimony dragging things out to wear down the jury, lying cops, lying prosecutors, and a biased judge. I’m amazed you are willing to forfeit your constitutional rights and are fine with a citizen being completely railroaded. This was not a trial at all, MacD.


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