The media and their innaccurate coverage of the Brad Cooper case

Anne Blythe published an article today to announce that Dateline NBC will be airing a segment on the Cooper case tonight.  Of course she decided to throw in some figures about how much Brad’s defense cost the taxpayers.  She failed to include how much the State’s case cost the taxpayers and I would guess it was millions.  They used our tax dollars to railroad a man and everyone is proud that they “won the case”.

The Cary police detectives were paid to sit through the entire 10 week trial.  How much did that alone cost us?  Then there were all of the experts.  For example, the soil expert testified that she tested soil at three locations in the area for mica.  But why did she do this test?  The brilliant Cary police detectives decided to grab a pair of shoes which were worn by Brad Cooper while he searched through trails in the woods looking for his wife.  Oh and they decided to do this in 2010, two years later. What were they hoping to prove exactly?  It was completely unscientific but I suppose they thought they could fool the jurors into actually believing that this was evidence against Brad.  Of course this turned out to be more “non evidence” but I wonder how much the expert and all of the testing cost the taxpayers.  Then they brought witness after witness to the stand and it typically went like this:

“Did you test the rug for DNA?”


“Did you find any evidence”


There were countless pieces of evidence brought forward like this that amounted to nothing except to wear down the jurors.  That’s the type of case the Wake county DA’s put forward now.  That was their strategy, to wear down the jury. Of course Judge Gessner was more than happy to allow them to do this because the Defense alleged that the Cary police conducted an inept and dishonest investigation, which they did.  Judge Gessner stated that since those allegations were made, the State should be able to show just how thorough the police were in the investigation.  This reasoning is flawed because the “thoroughness” was all about creating evidence and destroying evidence and character assassination and anything else they could think of to make Brad look guilty.  The judge allowed Detective Young to read love letters from Brad’s past, long ago past to the jury.  They tried to suggest that the letters were found on the kitchen table but they weren’t.  They were in an office closet.  It had nothing to do with this case.  The testimony can be viewed here.

Let’s turn the subject to domestic violence because that is what the State alleged, chief Bazemore stated, the “friends” alleged and the media continues to run with.  That is also the subject of Amanda Lamb’s book, I’m sure.  It’s due to release in December.  She is a reporter for WRAL and had her book cover finished before the trial even began.  How convenient to be able to report on a local story that she could influence any way she wanted and then write a book on it.

This is the quote from the Dateline producer, which was mentioned in the N&O article:

“The story appealed to ‘Dateline’ on many levels” said Esther Zucker, a producer for the show. “It was a tragic human interest story of Nancy and Brad Cooper; what began as a seemingly ideal marriage, their promising future and how it all sadly fell apart. The story also shined a light on domestic violence and in this case, we see that the symptoms aren’t always physical abuse – emotional abuse is equally destructive.”

Let’s set the record straight right now.  There was NO evidence of domestic violence – not physical nor emotional. Anyone who watched this trial would agree.

In January ’08, Brad realized how far in debt they were becoming and realized that drastic changes needed to take place.  Nancy had charged up $24,000 on her American Express that year, the Cooper’s had taken out a 2nd mortgage and Brad borrowed against his 401K.    He put Nancy on a cash budget of $300/week.  That money was not to pay bills.  It was for food, gas and any other items that were needed.  From that time on, Nancy began trashing Brad daily to all of her “friends”.  She complained to everyone that she didn’t have enough money.

People accused Brad of being “controlling”.  All throughout the trial we heard testimony about Nancy staying out late to drink wine with her friends while Brad stayed home and watched the kids.  He would even pick her and her friends up from the bar if they’d had too much to drink.

Nancy went on vacations with friends while Brad stayed home with the kids.  She even went on a trip with a male friend along with the kids.  Does a controlling spouse allow their wife to go on trips with other men?  I don’t think so.  Shortly before she died she went on a trip with the kids and her family.  Brad gave her $700 to last the week and Nancy blew it all the first day, buying food for everyone instead of budgeting and making it last.

Nancy told “friends” that Brad cut off the water and she had no credit card or bank account so she could not get the water turned back on.  In fact, receipts proved that the water company routinely cut off their water for failure to pay their bills on time.  Nancy made it sound like it was something he intentionally did. That is the type of thing that got blown up into a domestic abuse case and it was not.

The “friends” all testified that Nancy was never afraid of Brad.  They had never heard him so much as raise his voice at her. But everyone of these so-called friends smeared Brad Cooper by writing scathing affidavits about what a terrible father he was.  If he was such a terrible father, why did Nancy allow him to watch them all the time while she was out partying?

Then affidavit parties were organized so that they could all get their “stories” straight.  These are the people being interviewed for Dateline tonight. It was a modern day witch hunt and the police went right along with it. It is sickening.

The affair:

Brad had an affair around 2005.  Nancy found out about it; he denied it.  Finally, in December ’07 he admitted that he’d had an affair.  It was with Nancy’s best friend at the time, so of course it was painful for her to learn of this, as expected.  They attempted counseling before ultimately deciding to make plans to divorce.  Nancy told everyone about the affair.  She told her daughter’s preschool teacher, their real estate agent and their exterminator.  She told everyone who would listen.  Then the State brought all those witnesses to the stand to testify that Nancy told them of the affair.  There were probably 15 people questioned about the affair.  Again, this was part of their strategy to wear down the jury.  What did this prove exactly?  The affair wasn’t motive for murder.  I suppose it could have been if he was still involved in the affair, but he was not.  Amanda Lamb will be discussing the affair in her book too:).

One thing that the media never discusses is Nancy’s affairs.  We’re not supposed to discuss them because that’s considered trashing the victim but it’s time to get all the facts on the table.  Nancy had an affair early in her marriage.  There was testimony at the trial about this affair and the witness ended her friendship with Nancy because she was tired of covering for her all the time.  Then there’s the encounter with John Pearson.  John testified that he slept with Nancy around Halloween, 2005.  Nine months later their younger daughter was born.  When this came out during the investigation, the Defense attempted to obtain DNA on the children to verify paternity, but the police either never obtained the samples, or they did do the DNA test and didn’t turn the results over to the Defense.  It is still unknown.

Nancy began seeing John Pearson in the months prior to her death.  She invited him to run.  He knew her jogging route.  They met at a restaurant one day and Nancy brought only her younger daughter with her.  At the time, John was in a relationship with Heather (the former best friend of Nancy’s who had had the affair with Brad).  Heather was being sued for Alienation of Affection by John’s wife.  John told police that Nancy was saying things about him and he was upset about it, but he couldn’t remember what it was.  The police never pursued him as a suspect.  I will be making videos of that trial testimony soon.

Since starting this blog, I tried to focus on the computer evidence the most because that is what Brad was convicted on.  I also focused on the blatant police misconduct because people need to know what happened.  For some reason the media feels the need to try to make this case about domestic violence so I feel that I must discuss the other side to this story because they have twisted the facts and made it fiction and that’s unfair.

It would be nice if one news source would cover the facts of this case and the many others out there that are sensationalized by the media.  It is very frustrating to be so distrustful of the media but at this point, I never believe what they write.  I read it, then I look for other credible sources to try to verify it.

As you watch Dateline tonight, remember that things aren’t necessarily as they appear.  Luckily we have all the trial video to prove it.

5 thoughts on “The media and their innaccurate coverage of the Brad Cooper case

  1. As a Canadian, Nancy complained that she wasn’t able to open a bank account in the U.S.

    However, Canada’s TD Bank has 1,300 branches in the U.S., making it the *seventh-largest* retail bank in the U.S.

    In fact, another Canadian bank (Royal Bank of Canada) has a branch within jogging distance of her home:


    During the subprime crisis, even Americans opened accounts at Canadian banks in the U.S.


  2. Good point, Glen and worth mentioning since the prosecutors tried to make that a big issue. There is even an email from Brad to Nancy that says “please open a bank account so I can deposit money directly to your account”.


  3. So I wonder if any of the affairs that Nancy had will be mention in Dateline or in the book. I would especially like to know about the affair of the younger sister’s boyfriend..(I think I have this right)…I find it interesting that the media feels a need to smear the fact that Brad had an affair and Nancy had affairs but the media decides not to air Nancy’s affairs…It is sad that they wanted to label this has a DOMESTIC case…when there had been no reports of violence indicated before the murder…this makes no sense…other than the fact that they made it fit the crime against Brad…as a lot of other things did…instead of focusing on the many other “leads” in finding the real killer of Nancy Cooper.


  4. It is pure bunk that a Canadian can’t open a bank account in the U.S. They can open accounts at any U.S. Bank or Canadian bank in the U.S.


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