The Google Map cursor files

The cursor files associated with the search also showed signs of tampering.  First, the file extensions for Google Map searches are .cur but the files allegedly found on Brad’s computer are .bmp.  Google used .cur files in ’08 and still uses them today.

Second, the MACE value (modified, last accessed, created and entry modified) timestamps aren’t logical.  All of the timestamps on the cursor files are identical.  This is impossible with a dynamic search because the timestamps should update when the mouse is moved and clicked during the map search. This type of search was duplicated and in all cases the cursor files updated.  Clearly, these are not valid files.

Some will argue that this is a normal function with Windows Vista, but this is not true of the IBM Thinkpad that contained the alleged Google map files.  It showed normal time increments for many other searches.  It is a little tough to see the numbers, but this is the actual cursor file in question.  Note the identical times.  There is no explanation for this except that it’s an invalid file.

The defense tried to have the state computer witness (Agent Johnson) replicate this search during the trial, using any of the computers in the courtroom (including one with Windows Vista) and the state objected.  I believe they knew that the times would update.

Please watch this video which contains parts of the trial testimony specific to the cursor files.

5 thoughts on “The Google Map cursor files

  1. Again – they generally give these jobs to experts – what would your qualifications to be questioning multiple experts findings be? What is your profession? If its not a Digital Forensic expert – all your passing on is your uninformed conclusions based on your amatuer attempt to replicate the findings.

    BC’s actual computer was examined AND found to have major indications of tampering.

    If all we had to do was buy a “tool kit” to perform any job – I’m thinking I’m going to be a Nuclear Engineer…hmmm…I’ll check on Amazon – they’ll have one!


    • Agreed. The “test” performed by MacD is nothing more than a sham to get the results he wanted. It’s not the same OS, it’s not the same browser, it’s not even the same settings, three years later, and he didn’t even clear his cache to test the results. What kind of verifiable results could you possibly expect to get from this type of test? I’ll take two certified computer security experts over an anonymous internet post any day of the week.


  2. The State was aided and abetted by the Judge from the beginning of the trial and before arguing what was admissable and not. The Judge successfully disqualified Jay Ward, Defense’ first computer witness, no way was he going to testify about tampering, and Asst Atty Boz Zellinger argued he didn’t have adequate time to prepare for the 2nd forensic computer expert Masucci, Judge was not going to let Defense rebut the computer tampering period. The Judge in this case knew the State had a weak case against Brad Cooper, the Judge should not have allowed the computer evidence at all, CPD failed to follow proper protocols securing the laptop.

    So a computer savvy man searched where to dump his wife on his work laptop connected to the Cisco network. Did CPD/FBI/SBI/CCBI–anybody verify that Brad Cooper did indeed access Google that time, on Cisco’s server, did they PROVE Brad Cooper did the search? NO, they did not.

    Would have been easy to check……just like prominent the tire tracks leading from Nancy Coopers body didnt match the Coopers BMWs, the footprints that were never measured or photographed extensively, the erased SIM cards on both of Nancy Coopers phones, the dead bugs, failure to order a precise caffeine test, 6:40 am call from landline not spoofed, trace tape avoided, useless hearsay and accusations from gossiping neighbors and acquaintances who were caught in several lies, (to paint or not to paint, black dress trickery was BS, diamond necklace not on the victim day before at Harris Teeter, ducks never got smashed), 7 hour canine brought in to pick up 14 hour scent, 16 witnesses ignored for 3 months, CPD sipping diet cokes in the house, scratchmarks never photographed, golf is somehow strange when spouse is missing, cleaning supplies on bathroom counter means a murder took place in the house …….


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