The “typo”

Detective Daniels wrote in his notes that Brad was wearing long sleeves the afternoon of July 12th.  That would have seemed highly suspicious to anyone on a hot Summer day, but Brad was NOT wearing long sleeves.  There is a photo showing him sitting on the curb in shorts and a t-shirt.   Detective Daniels was questioned about this during the trial and had to admit that indeed Brad was in short sleeves that day but instead of calling it a mistake, he described it as a “typo”.  He never corrected this mistake and likely it was presented to the grand jury and prosecutors as one of the things that was “suspicious”.


4 thoughts on “The “typo”

  1. Long, short, scratches, “rubs” who needs actual accurate details? He “knows” Brad did it so no investigation needed right? What a piece of work.


  2. would another typo be when detective daniels “just” jotted down dumpster, rags and other things kike that. he said that he was just thinking and jotting things down , it did not mean anything. how in a investigation like that can you just jot things down? clearly he just like to write for the heck of it.


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